Game Contents

  • 2 Card Decks (questions and wild cards)
  • Player game pieces, a.k.a., Tokins
  • Board game/Munchie’s Board (Pipe & Lighter not included)

Standard Questions

  • All Standard Questions of Who Am I, What Am I and Where Am I questions will present trivia based questions to a person, place or location in relation to Cannabis.
  • Wild Cards – “X2,” “Spin,” “Tie,” “Swap” & “Karma”
  • Before the game starts, all game participants will each receive “4” Wild Cards.” These Wild Cards can be applied *only* when a player has correctly answered a “Standard” question, rolled their dice and in doing so have landed on one of the game’s 13 art images applied to the board as a result of their dice roll.
  • If the player who applied their “Wild Card” to the image and then correctly answered the next round of questioning (standard questions), that player will be able to execute whichever “Wild Card” they applied to the image.

How to Play Pipes & Lighters

Begin the game with each player choosing their game piece “Tokin” that they will use to navigate on the game board. Tokin’s represent various “Munchies” like chips, cake, burger, et al.

Next “Spin” the board and where the purple game arrow points closest to a game player, said player will then read the game’s first question from the “Standard” game card deck.

The reader will read out loud either a “Who Am I?,” “What Am I?, “Where Am I? or “Category” question and *all* game participants will shout out their answers. The card reader will be the judge on who first answered the question correctly.

The correct player then will roll the dice and move forward on the game board. Please note – If a player rolls their dice and lands on one of the boards 13 images, they can then apply 1 of their 4 “Wild Cards” to the image that they’ve landed on. Again, if that player then answers correctly, they will then be allowed to apply the “Wild Card” and the action it presents, e.g. Tie, Karma, Swap, X2 or Spin.

When a player wins the “Category” round by being the last player remaining correctly answering the Category question, that player will be not only be able to roll the dice and move forward on the board, they will also be allowed to “Spin” the board and then see which “action item” comes up. An example of the Category question would be for the players to shout out their answers when asked to name the “Ingredients in a Burrito!” Please note – Hesitation and or redundant answers will cause a player to be disqualified from the Category round, so be on your toes during this form of Category questioning.


X2 – This means that when the player who correctly answered the question will be able to “Double” the amount of the number the dice produced, e.g. if the player rolled a “4,” they then get to move “8” spaces, thus X2.

Tie – This means that when the player who correctly answered the question will be able to “Tie” the leader of the game.

Swap – This means that when the player who correctly answered the question will be able to “Swap” places with the leader of the game.

Karma – This means that the player who correctly answers the question will get to decide if they want to apply “Good or Bad Karma!” Specifically, the player can apply said Karma and move a player up to the front or the back of the pack!

Spin – This means that the player who correctly answered the question will be given the opportunity to Spin the board and apply the action item assigned via the purple arrow landing on “Vice,” “Social Vice,” “Vice Bud” or “Make a Rule.”


“Action Items” are displayed on the game centerpiece and consist of “Vice,” “Social Vice,” “Vice Bud” and “Make a Rule.” When the player spins the board and the purple arrow lands on a specific action item, here is what they need to do:


  • Vice = The spinner takes a hit, a drink, a bite of food or whatever “Vice” they prefer
  • Social Vice = *All* players take a hit, drink or bite!
  • Vice Bud = spinner chooses a buddy to take a hit, drink or bite!
  • Make a Rule = The spinning player gets to make a rule for the next round of questioning, e.g. All players must answer the next round of questions in a British accent. If they don’t, even if the answer is correct, they’re out for that line of questioning.

The first player to successfully navigate the board to its last board square (purple square with purple arrow) wins the game!

What Happens Next …

When the winner is declared, the players can then remove the centerpiece lid and then retrieve their Pipes and Lighters from the center piece (pipe/lighter not included in game) and then enjoy and celebrate their experience by lighting up a bowl of their favorite Cannabis and then …

Since they might get a little hungry from indulging, they can then simply “convert” the game board surface in order to transform the game board into their “Munchies Board ™” and eat to satisfy their munchie cravings! Bon Petit!